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Terrestra Alcove

The Terrestra A is the largest top-cab model in its category. A whole lot of space in such an elegant vehicle - what a relief!

Technology in a nutshell, that is the Terrestra A. And most of it is built into the double floor.

If you are looking for a camping-car with the best possible standard equipment and enough freedom to personalise your choice? Look no further.


  • Striking design.
  • Wood-free body using polyester adhesive joint techniques.
  • Large top-cab built in polyester.
  • Huge storage space in the 37cm-deep double floor.
  • Elegant interior.
  • Large, freeze-resistant water tanks (150/100 litres).
  • Outstanding road-grip on the wide-track lowered chassis.
  • Sturdy aluminiumreinforced furniture.
  • Body joints without bolts through the outer walls.