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Integra Line LS

With its new Integra Line LS, Eura Mobil combines the compact, harmonious appearance of the Integra Line with the princely, spacious luxury of the Integra. This is the very special Liner for customers who do not accept a visual resemblance to a bus or truck, but insist on the extra comfort and convenience offered by a first-class integrated model. Resistance to cold weather, a high payload and an understated price are totally sensible points in favour of the Integra Line LS, which is built on an AL-KO six-wheel chassis. The interior equipment profits from the use of Integra furnishing and design elements, and also the generous floor plan. Light weight and the low overall height of only 2.90 metres give the Integra Line LS its excellent handling.


  • Body of adhesive-bonded FRP with wood-free walls
  • Heated double floor, full length, without step
  • AL-KO six-wheel chassis for excellent handling
  • High payload (> 1000 kg)
  • Underfloor also protected by moulded FRP elements
  • Reduced height (2.88 m) creates a compact, elegant appearance with an impression of extra length,
  • Alde hot-water heating
  • Generous interior layout with Integra floor plan and furnishing
  • Eura Mobil Short Cabin with broad field of view