The seal of quality

Long-lasting and stable

The “Eura Mobil Sealed Structure“ concept (from the Profila semi-Integrated range) combines the advantages of high bodywork resistance with the best endurance and an attractive design. Modern adhesive techniques borrowed from the aeronautics industry ensure a fully sealed construction with no bolting through the outer walls. The floor-to-wall joints are fixed by screws through the inside and finished by adhesive over all surfaces and round the whole body. Eura Mobil uses a mix of two industrial adhesives for optimum efficiency: one metre of joined profile can support the full weight of a complete 3.5t mobile home! The wood-free wall panels are insulated throughout to ensure the best winter use.

Stability through quality

One of the strong points of Eura Mobil‘s vehicle development lies in the construction of an exceptionally stable and wind-resistant body. The fibreglass-reinforced structures and the body frame in lightweight aluminium contribute significantly to this stability. The aluminium profiles of the floor panels fit invisibly into the frame to complete the fully wind-resistant bodywork. The stability of the outer surfaces of the fibreglass walls and roof also provide protection from hail, as tests by “Promobil“ magazine have proved (02/2010).

Extruded aluminium frame

  • to avoid cold spots the interior has a semi-extruded frame
  • full surface bonding and sealing of wall and floor panels (see diagram)
  • riveted from the inside

Strengthened polyurethane foam-edged flooring

  • extremely sturdy reinforced floor and floor-to-wall joining avoids heat loss
  • no leakage in case of damage to the outer shell

Lightweight, stable insulation in the floor

  • efficient flooring insulation
  • additional aluminium cross-braces avoid twisting of the body
  • outer and inner fibreglass protection-proved in “Promobil“ magazine tests

Wood-free fibreglass walls

  • hail and rust protection
  • insulation throughout (no heat loss from wooden parts)
  • no interior or exterior cold spots
  • damp-free interior
  • easy to clean and repair

All-round body sealing

The Eura-Mobil seal of quality for all-round protection of the body is achieved by a fully joined and watertight sealed body with wall and floor panels made from rust-proof materials. Adhesive joints make bolting through the outer walls totally unnecessary, minimising the risk of leakage. The all wood-free construction of the walls ensures efficient insulation and protection throughout.