New interior concept


Emphasis on the emotional brand profile for experiencing mobile interior design with all your senses

In the new season, the efforts of Eura Mobil are aimed at triggering enthusiasm for a mobile living environment in a stylistically attractive interior. Fun and enjoyment (enjoy) are harmoniously combined with relaxing thoughts and well-being (wellness) and vividly staged in the new living space referred to as "Enjoyness interior". The "Chalet-Mobil", which was especially popular with visitors and media at all caravanning fairs in 2013/2014, serves as exemplary role model.

The aim is to persuade with more than technical features by offering an attractive mobile living environment which not only addresses all the senses, but also creates an emotional desire to purchase Eura Mobil camper vans out of conviction - and even passion. A spacious interior design with flowing lines throughout the furniture is combined with visual and tactile sensory stimuli to create a living space which radiates wellness and comfort. To this end, Eura Mobil has profoundly changed the furniture as well as upholstery in the Integra Line, Profila RS and Profila T series.  The primary focus is on the newly designed angled kitchen with its curved worktop and recessed furniture supports, which can be converted from a classic room divider element to a connecting element with fluent transition to the living area. The sofa picks up the dynamic form, the result is a single, spacious wellness room.  In this way, there is also more freedom of movement in the kitchen area. The high-quality interior décor with harmonious colour matching provides relaxation as well as new sensory stimuli through visually and haptically appealing style elements, such as for example the textile structure of the contrasting handle edges of the wall cupboards or the curtains in Chinyll look. Individual lifestyle and wanderlust find their expression in the joyful feeling conveyed daily by the high-quality upholstery and structured surfaces.

In its latest series, the Sprendlingen manufacturer chose a different approach with the same objective: In the Profila One series, three different atmospheric design moods, which emphasise modern individuality and flexibility in the lifestyle of younger customers, can be created within five minutes by means of reversible upholstery. In the other series, lushly designed lounge upholstery in classic colours intensifies the high-quality character of the Enjoyness interior. The fun of being able to adapt the living ambience in the Profila One according to mood complements the more timeless, finely shaded stylistic world of the other series. In all series, the ever-present stylishness is effectively staged using subtle ambient lighting and loving details such as the elegant mirrored wall in the entrance area or the practical decorative pockets in the rear.