Maximum variability in Eura Mobil's new central bed layout


The 725 QB layout used in the Integra Line, Profila Semi Integrated and Profila RS series offers intelligent room partitioning in the rear, allowing for a particularly high degree of flexibility. A characteristic feature is the washroom, which uses four sliding doors to divide the space, thus either creating a separate bedroom, a separate washroom, a dressing room stretching from the bedroom into the washroom or an open passageway from the rear wall to the front seats.

The bedroom has two closets and, upon request, is fitted with a height-adjustable bed for maximum utilisation of the available space in the double floor under the bed. A flat screen monitor can be mounted directly to the washroom wall, making it unnecessary to mount a TV swivel arm. The washbasin is positioned in the middle of the bathroom. The bathroom can be separated from the living area with sliding doors if necessary or opened up if preferred. As is typical for Eura Mobil, the front section is appointed with an ergonomic kitchen unit with dynamic transition to the front end, a large, free-standing fridge as well as a cosy L-settee in the living area and a side-mounted bench seat on the passenger side.