Ahead in each category


Sensational results for Eura Mobil in this year’s poll choosing the motor home of the year.

Thus, the Sprendlingen (Germany) based  manufacturer of motor homes  repeated last year’s victory and triumphed in nearly all categories..

The results certify the manufacturer’s high- quality philosophy. Two models gained a third place, one model reached a second place  and one model even rocketed to the first place.

Besides the victory of the Terrestra Alcove, the Integra Line, newly launched in 2013, became prominent and reached a third place among the most fiercely contended category of  the integrated models priced at up to € 70.000,-.

In addition, Profilia T achieved a third place and classic Profila Alcove even went to the second place, thus proving that last year’s success was no one-hit wonder.

With its fourth place, the semi-integrated Terrestra T accomplishes the outstanding results.

Europe’s largest specialist motor home magazine “Promobil” organizes a poll among readers every year in order to determine the motor home of the year.