Experts on quality

We insist on a flexible and personalised structure for our company. One of our priorities is being close to our customers. At shows, during our motorhome tours or in our workshops at Sprendlingen we like to have direct contact with motorhome enthusiasts - we believe this is one of the secrets of our success.

Eura Mobil specialises in motorhomes. We build exclusively motorhomes, and make no compromises when designing, developing or producing motorhomes. This is why Eura Mobil products are outstandingly reliable and incomparable long-lasting quality. We promise you total safety and pleasure.

Quality not just a notion for Eura Mobil. Customer satifaction surveys have shown that Eura Mobil has obtained the best results among the leading manufacturers for years. Probably thanks to technical details and construction, but also because our engineers and technicians are all motorhome users themselves. Our enthusiasm and our 50-year experience in motorhome construction are core elements of every Eura Mobil. The best technical processes and materials guarantee you the best finished product.


A combination of intelligent construction and the use of the best materials mean that your motorhome will travel on and on... Not to mention the hard-wearing furniture. No half-measures for the top berth, either: with Eura Mobil’s patent system combining joint, linkage and function, we have set a new standard for profiles.


All the equipment is, of course, practical and ready to respond to any challenge. Each part of your Eura Mobil has been approved, most of them for many years: the double floor is standard equipment in the whole range and is doubly useful: it makes a great storage space and stops you freezing in winter. For more independence, we designed it with large water and power capacity. For greater individuality, you have the choice of over 20 floor-plans.